Hill sprints improve both speed and stamina

Six Exercises to Energise Your Weight Loss

For the workout-averse, spending some time in the sun and fresh air can help make your exertion more enjoyable. And for exercise fanatics, the beautiful summer weather can take your endorphins from enjoyment to euphoria. Here are six exercises to consider as you take advantage of your natural surroundings: Hill

Isagenix Recipe - Chicken Pitas

Recipe: Sweet and Tart Isagenix-Style Curried Pita Pockets

Try this tasty recipe next time it’s your turn to host lunch. These pita pockets are full of flavour and crunch but light on fat and calories.   Makes: 4 servings     Ingredients: 1/2 cup unflavoured, nonfat yoghurt 3 T. low-fat mayonnaise 1 T. curry powder 500 g cooked

Weight Loss Plans at Home

Healthy Low Calorie Plans for Weight Loss

Healthy Low Calorie Plans for Weight Loss Lose Weight the Healthy Way! A low calorie meal plan for weight loss is a great way to become fit and be healthy. To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume and these tips for reducing your daily calorie intake,

Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plans

Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plans   Dropping weight is a sometimes challenging task however when effective it is a source for great satisfaction. Keeping the weight off is likewise a tough job yet with some vital guidelines to assist it is feasible to keep the weight off and also enjoy