2019 October

E-cigarette and the History Behind it

E-cigarette and the History Behind it

The habit of using tobacco product was there among most of the communities globally from a very long time. It was ancients said to be started by the Native Americans. The tobacco plant was natively grown in the South and North America from a very old time. Tobacco is closely related to the culture and daily life of Native Americans. Considered as a cure for lot of health issues tobacco products were widely used in the Native American community. Tobacco was also part of most of their religious ceremony. From the early 1500s the tobacco plant started spreading to other regions too.

The European sailors who visited American continents in the early 1500s for trade, is who made tobacco known to regions other than America. Tobacco was one of the main trades for European sailors back then and they transported high qualities to Europe. Europeans started to grown their own tobaccos soon after. The belief of Native Americans about the good effects of tobacco consumptions was also transferred to the Europeans. Eventually through Europe the tobacco trade grew and reached to other parts of the globe. Many early researches were also conforming the good effects of tobacco usage. All these information gave tobacco a good part in the global market that tobacco where even used instead of currency by some people.

The most commonly used way to consume tobacco now is by smoking cigarettes. Smoking was the most commonly used from the beginning, but cigarettes were only made in the 1800s. Until the cigarettes came, pipe smoking was the most common consumption way. Other methods like chewing tobacco were common, but most of the communities prefer smoking through a pipe. The Europeans started making cigarettes by hand rolling them in the early 1800s. At the first many were reluctant to try these, but as mechanised process for rolling started many started to use cigarettes instead of pipes.

As the revolution in tobacco usage grew we are now at the stage of e-cigarettes. From 1800s the ruling of cigarettes among tobacco smokers continued until e-cigarettes came out. These are portable devices which came out in 2004 for the first time in Chinese market. Similar to any other new comer tobacco smokers doesnā€™tgive the first form of e-cigarettes enough credit. But better versions of e-cigarettes were introduced which attracted more and more users. Today we have a variety of options available in e-cigarettes which are more reliable and safer.

The one main reason why e-cigarettesare turning more heads today is that it is safer than normal cigarettes. They burn e-liquid which is filled inside them to produce vapour which are healthier than smoke from normal cigarettes. Today e-cigarettes are widely available and we have a variety of options too. The usage of e-cigarettes is completely legal in Australia and you can smoke anywhere where it is not legally prohibited to smoke. E-cigarettes are battery powered some of them comes with rechargeable options. The e-liquids are also abundantly available across the country.

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